We are a small team of developers and makers who love to build innovative things. We participate in hackathons, do school research projects together, work on side projects and enjoy maker culture!

Discovering PCB:NG

PCB production is the very backbone of the electronics hobby. To take a one-off design done on breadboards with Arduino or other dev boards to a »

Express in C, a long ramble

A little more than a year ago, I started attended hackathons, first with Ambrose, then with the rest of MakerForce. Being in a team more than »

CSS screen blending caveat

When messing with screen blending, I came across a bug in Chrome and Firefox when using screen blending with transform animations. Surprisingly, Safari rendered it right. »

Our server setup

First, some history! I started off my sysadmin adventures back in 2012. After learning Python, PHP and web for one and a half years, I discovered »