Magic thingies.

Networking on the cheap

It is not hard to get your hands dirty on computer networking basics and operating networking equipment. I've been running my own home network for the »

Moving to pfSense

Quite a while back, I was introduced to pfSense by a friend. At first looks, I didn't much get the benefits of using pfSense over manual »

Our server setup

First, some history! I started off my sysadmin adventures back in 2012. After learning Python, PHP and web for one and a half years, I discovered »


daydreams are nice you get to look at the datacenter you are gonna build and all the twisted pairs you imagine yourself routing and the switches »

NGINX vs nghttpx

Recently in version 1.9.5, NGINX introduced their experimental HTTP/2 support, purposefully dropping SPDY protocol support in favour of HTTP/2. Having no SPDY »