daydreams are nice
you get to look at the datacenter you are gonna build
and all the twisted pairs you imagine yourself routing
and the switches and patch panels
then you fill each 4U slot with those hotswap storage servers
and 2U slots with application servers
and then you look at the SFP+ connectors
with fiber cables stuck inside
and all the link aggregation
with 20Gbps throughput from a single node
then you imagine the processors in each node
probably a dual socket motherboard
with two Xeon 8 core processors
and that low clock rate
the SSDs that are the drives
epic cable management inside too
dont forget the router running pfSense
and the 10Gbps connection to your ISP
all the application servers running CoreOS
all the management and data storage servers running Ubuntu
and so your storage nodes
are all btrfs
in the btrfs RAID10 configuration
exposed using NFS to your app servers
your app servers
all would run rkt containers
with 4 designated as etcd leaders
but due to cost constraints they also serve apps
and as always you have a load balancer
and then realise kubernetes exists