AngelHack Singapore 2016

AngelHack is an annual hackathon organised on the international level with winners from each country competing with each other internationally. It attracts attention from all over the world and takes its place as one of the more well-known hackathons in Singapore. In addition, they have awesome prizes ranging from sponsor prizes to a free inclusion into their Hackcelerator program for startups.

This year AngelHack was held at the Hub which is a coworking space in Singapore. Although the chosen location was very well outiftted for the hackathon with all the necessary facilities requires and it provided the ideal environment for hacking and working, it was a bit too cramp for everyone and the size of the location could definitely have been bigger. However, that was not much of a problem as once we started working on our project we really couldn't be bothered with petty details like that. The Hub also provided cups and glass bottles of water.

For the first 3 hours, we spent our time think

Hack&Roll 2016

Hack&Roll is an annual hackathon organised by NUS Hackers. We participated in Hack&Roll 2015 (It was our first hackathon), making this our second Hack&Roll.

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Recently, team MakerBreak (consisting of me, Isaac and Sudharshan) competed in the student category of Hackathon@SG. The competition theme this year was on "Smart Nation", where we are to work on a project related to building a smart nation. There was even hardware provided by the sponsors, including the Nabu X, VR One and Tweeq.

Of course, as adventurous students, we took the VR One as we wanted to play with VR. It was a nice piece of equipment, being much much better than the Google Cardboard.

We came up with a few ideas, before the hackathon. Most of the students there were studying in university and junior college, and we were among the few secondary students there.

Armed with a (Relay Shield), WiFly RN-XV module, an Arduino Uno, a power adapter, soldering irons, wires