DIY solder reflow oven - last words

Part 1: Toaster

Part 2: Electronics

Part 3: Software

Part 4: Conclusion

So it has been a while and I've been using the solder reflow oven for a while now. For the past weeks, I've been experimenting with finer and finer pitch components and I've been having really good progress so far.

The reflow oven performs way better than what I expected as it has fairly even heating through the oven and can solder super fine pitch components. One such example is the edison or hirose 70 pin connector. Despite the 0.5mm pin pitch my reflow oven managed to perfectly reflow the connector countless times.

Solder paste applied and component placed. Ready for reflow test 1

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Woah. That was way better than what I expected. And that barely took me 15min

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So having said that, I think there are still a few software bugs that plague the user experience. I will be fixing them periodically and pushing updates to the gitlab repo as I fix them.

So that's it for the solder reflow oven project. I hope you guys make some good use of it and manage to reproduce the same good results I've obtained with my machine.

My reflow oven has finally earned it's permanent place on my work desk

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