One year milestone- Project SentiBots

This is it. It has finally been one year since the SentiBot's project launched. This project is older than the existence of MakerForce itself. Let's take a look at some memorable moments from the past year.

This was the first ever prototype model created of SentiBots. It has evolved into a completely different model today.

Here is an early snapshot of the EdiPlane PCB created last year. We very quickly realized that a spherical shape is just pointless and makes it hard to mount stuff inside.

Prototype 1- codename Prime.So naturally, we extended into a bean. Also beans are awesome. The battery mounting was still a bit iffy but its an improvement. This model did not fly.

Prototype 2- codename Snow White. Snow white was a very interesting prototype as it is the only SentiBot created to have a nylon frame and its extraordinarily durable. This still uses the single EDF propulsion method.

Prototype 3- codename Sentinel. This was the first SentiBot to have the hump to expand upon the space for mounting and also have the cleanest internal wiring so far.

Prototype 4- codename Amethyst. The gem in my eye which is its slogan was inspired by the fact that this was the first SentiBot to have an onboard camera and a camera streaming interface seen below.

Prototype 5- codename Iona.Finally the latest addition to the SentiBot and by far the longest lasting edition without added revisions. This is the evolution of SentiBots into a coaxial system. This has taken all the crashes during testing we could throw at it without any complaint. It is also the first SentiBot to actually fly.

And of course as the previous blog post outlined, the EdiCopter PCB is an important addition to our journey as it empowers us with more GPIO.

Also as important as the progress made in this project is the people behind this project. Here are some snaps of us working on the project.

So this project is still ongoing. You can follow us at our project page.