Maker Faire 2016

The second ever full fledged Maker Faire has made its pass this year and it was a really productive and enriching experience. We as MakerForce did have a booth there and we all had a lot of fun. In this post, I will be talking about the Maker Faire experience in Singapore , our booth and the interesting people we met there.

Our booth at #makerfairesingapore

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The Maker Culture

I've got to say that the maker culture in Singapore is increasing rapidly. Just 3 years ago, there were just 1 hall full of booths. This year, there was at least 3 halls full of fun and creativity. From pneumatic musical instruments to escape rooms, this year's Maker Faire was overflowing with awesomeness. Also, this year's Maker Faire was held in in the SUTD campus, which gives me a good excuse to check out SUTD as a future university.

Personally, this is my 4th Maker Faire I've been to and the 2nd Maker Faire I've had a booth in. And this is the 1st time MakerForce has had a booth there. We seemed to attract quite an audience though as our DIY KSP control station turned eyes. We also gave out some awesome looking cards.

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The Children

Another thing I noticed at Maker Faire this year is that there seem to be quite the more children. We at MakerForce believe in getting the young involved in making and that came as quite a pleasant surprise. Hopefully, we can also see more children makers having their own booths in the coming years.


I guess the best part of MakerFaire is really meeting and talking to the people. We met a lot of interesting people over at MakerFaire like Agrim who won this year's AngelHack. There were also some really smart and talented individuals with booths that I got a chance to interact with.

Kerbel Space Program played with actual controllers made by

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Coming years

In the upcoming years, we hope to expand our booth in Maker Faire. So do remember to keep a lookout for us when you drop by next year!