The Hephaestus Project

Hephaestus is the Greek God of design and creativity. More commonly known as the partner of Aphrodite, he was also the god of the Forge and was well known for creating some of the finest jewellery in Greek mythology. Hephaestus was banished from Mount Olympus, simply because he walked with a limp, and when he joined the mortals on Earth he taught them how to make art and the importance of doing so. Analogous to that, the Hephaestus project aims to cultivate unique people with different perspectives, spark creativity and dares the participants to propose the ideas people might dismiss out of hand.

Edit: We take admissions on a rolling basis, so once we get the required number of innovators, admissions will close

What is Hephaestus?

Hephaestus is a week long innovation boot camp for the people who dare to dream 🧠. It aims to bring together a group of 10 people, for a program where they are able to debate, discuss, brainstorm solutions to anything they might be interested in. It provides the environment for constructive discussions, iterative problem solving methods, and social exchange to increase the creative productivity of all the innovators involved.

(And yes, we will be living together in a hacker house concept, kindly sponsored by Mistletoe)

It achieves this through a 2 pronged approach of both a structured facilitation program, and an unstructured creative environment.

Structured Facilitation Program

The structured facilitation program serves to break the ice and get the creative energy going. It also loosens the constraints one might have induced onto their thinking process, maybe due to preconceptions or inclinations. It helps you approach any problem with an open mind. The structured facilitation program also tries to create checkpoints for the innovators, to keep them on track and goal-oriented. The proposed events are as follows.

Ice breakers

Daily round robin pitch sessions

Demo Day

Industry Presenters/Workshops

Brain Board

Unstructured Creative Environment

Structure curbs innovation, it trains you to rely on things that have already been done, or figured out. To truly have novel thoughts, you don't need structure, you need inspiration. Inspiration comes from doing new things and gaining experience or perspective. Often, inspiration comes from having fun. As such, bulk of the program tries to create this environment of exploration.

Socials Nights 🥳

Movie Marathons 🎬

Game Nights 🎮

Exploratory food 🍔

Who can join?

This program isn't a software program or even a technology program. It takes a wide set of skills to solve the problems we have in the world have today and we correspondingly need a diverse set of people. Therefore, anyone can join as long as they prove that they have an innovative mind-set and an accompanying skill-set.

If you think you have the creative potential, and the grit to solve problems you see in the world, you'll fit right in with the rest of us.

When is it happening?

The program is slated to happen in end 2020, likely within the last 2 weeks of December. Timing will be confirmed after the participation list is confirmed.

So you're interested? Apply below!

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