Hear a Bézier Curve

TLDR: Here's the fork

A long long long long long time ago, in Talk.CSS #52, Gao Wei presented a talk on Bézier curves "The Obscurities of  Bézier Curves Explained to My Computer Engineer Friends". She showed uses of Bézier curves in user interface animations, some rather interesting history about it and explained the mathematics behind it. Watch the meetup on Engineers.SG!

Anyway, Hui Jing made a funny comment when Gao Wei was demoing Lea Verou's cubic-bezier.com:

I prefer to have this with sound, can someone ah please do a [visualisation] using wavelength and then you can like mmm-MMMMM-mmmm. Then ya easier for me to understand I need to hear. (46:06)

So, a long long long long long time later, I forked Lea Verou's repository and added a checkbox to enable sounds. You can try it out here. Should I make a pull request? 😂

Checkbox so small how to press but I lazy lah

Have fun annoying others in your office with the help of Bézier curves!