5 things to build when you're bored

As the holidays roll around, students are starting to lose their purpose in life as they are bored by the lack of things to do. Therefore, naturally just like everyone else, here at MakerForce we are also hopelessly bored. However, instead of wallowing in boredom, we decided to write this small guide of random things to build when you are bored at home so that we could help some of you out.

#1: Build a cardboard house

An essential part of every builder's dream is to build you own house with the necessary internal decor that you prefer. Of course, as fellow students, we know that students generally are quite broke so we settled for a cardboard on instead. You could go actual full size cardboard house or mini highly detailed variants. Whichever path you decide to strode on, you are sure to have plenty of fun. Check out this link for some inspiration.

#2: Build a car

A car. A a widely used tool for transport for both humans and items, its considered extremely useful tool in the 21st century. Building a car may sound hard but there are already some around your age doing it. Check out 14 year old Kathryn DiMaria who built her own car even though she can't get her driving license for 2 years. All that was back in 2013 by the way. A project of this scale would keep you from boredom for atleast the next 2 years. And you get to pick up a few tricks like welding, sandblasting and general awareness of car engines on the way.

Feel like you're not up for it? Then take it in slow baby steps. Start off with a simple chassis out of wood with 4 wheels and slowly work your way up to engines. You'll get there eventually, maybe...

#3: Build a RC plane

Now on to some easier and more realistic aims for those with less funds and time than required to build a car. RC modelling is a common hobby around the world and is super fun. Grab some advice on the numerous online forums available and learn to fly your own RC plane. Learning to fly can range in difficulty depending on which plane you start with. Check out FliteTest, an awesome channel for all things RC. Learning to fly is one thing but building our own plane is a rewarding activity on its own. And most importantly, you won't need to empty your pockets to get into this hobby with entry costs as low as 50 dollars.

#4: Build a drone

7/5/2015. This date holds heavy importance to all drone enthusiasts around the world. Its the date of the International Drone Day of 2016. Getting back to point here, drone flying is a very wide based hobby which also intrudes into the RC hobby. From aerial photography to drone racing there is myraid of ways to use your drone. This makes it an extremely interesting hobby to get into if you're bored. It may cost more than your conventional RC plane but the experience you get in return is extremely rewarding. There is plenty of guides out there to get you started on this hobby. We at Makeforce also enjoy our drones and regularly play around with them as seen in the SAFMC competition.

#5: Build a Website

Okay so I'm guessing that you have absolutely no extra cash to spend on anything. Don't fret. Software development is absolutely free on line these days. Learn to program in new languages. HTML, Javascript, CSS, Python, Ruby- whatever it may be learnging to code in a new programming language is an awesome and fun thing to do. And to really show of your new skills go ahead and build your own website. You could even start a blog just like us! So go on to Codecademy or any other online resources and get started.

So armed with this list of things to do go have some fun and remember to check in on our blog for some more fun and interesting projects!